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Spellbinding Storytelling: unlock the secret of captivating tales

Giulia at Scriberia tells us about the wows and wonders of the Spellbinding Storytelling workshop the company did.

From shrinking cards to mind reading: the art of live magic shows

A review of three magic shows by three very different performers at the Edinburgh Festival: Ben Hart, Colin Cloud and Suhani Shah.

How do you encourage authentic leadership in the workplace?

The transformative power of authentic leadership in the workplace. What does authentic leadership mean? Why is authentic leadership important? Let's find out...

Three ideas to bring colleagues together

Bring colleagues together; give them time to get to know one another and ultimately, work better together.

Three ways that magic elevates our workshops and programmes

Three ways that using magic and illusion in our work benefits the learning journey.

Meet the wizard of cross-cultural collaboration

Culture, collaboration, organisations, teams, leadership, cultural diversity and why we must embrace differences while celebrating commonatlities.

How Play Conjures a Positive Company Culture

Incorporating play at work promotes innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication. Wow!

Experience Design: a Magic Potion for L&D Success

We create memorable moments for our clients by stirring a magic potion containing pride, insight and connection.

Could you be a Magilitator?

A Magilitator is one of a kind… it’s a magician that facilitates or a facilitator that can do magic! Abracademy melds these two skillsets together to create this unique role. Do you have the magic touch to be a Magilitator?

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Secrets of Successful Teams

A conversation with Florian Klaass about the magic of teams - how to ignite, build and nurture a team.

Unlocking Productivity: Embracing 'Better' Over 'Distracted'

Unlocking productivity: embracing 'better' over 'distracted'. Why I want to experience more Magical Moments by Cauldron Manager, Anne Brassier

How to Make Change Feel Magical, by Jen Emery

Change unleashes fear, negativity and resistance. But it has the potential to unlock positive and magical things.

The Alchemy of Leadership

The Alchemy of Leadership: five top skills leaders need to adapt to the constantly changing work world landscape.

Look Through the Magic Mirror to 2020

Join us on a trip through a virtual maze to reflect on 2020 and what we learned that year.

How to Cast a Spell With the Art of Magilitation

Magilitation is the beautiful merging of magic and facilitation - combining magicians' presentation skills with facilitators' mastery of group dynamics to create a new skill set.

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