Creativity training


Build your team’s creative confidence and unlock innovation

Help teams to:

Overcome creative fears and step into creative confidence

Tap into a childlike sensibility of wonder

Explore creative possibilities for problem solving

Create space to diverge on ideas and allow imagination to exist

Access practical tools and activate new creative approaches in every day work

Our solutions to boost creative confidence

Creativity programme

In this 5 part cohort-based programme, employees discover approaches to better problem solving by using wonder, curiosity and creative confidence to open avenues to new and different solutions.

Plug-in workshops

Plug our engaging and beyond ordinary workshops into your learning and development programmes. We call them "Magical moments".

What people say

It was slightly outside my comfort zone, but those pushes are exactly what I need to become a better (and more magical more creative) me!
Silly ideas can become meaningful so encourage people to be creative and silly, especially in the beginning... Quantity vs quality!
I had a WOW moment being confronted with a past fear. I was never challenged to do that before, and to connect it to my habits and behaviours today.
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