Bring your people together - Step outside and take a Wonder Walk

This shared outdoor experience for hybrid and remote teams gives people a break from sitting at their desk. It creates a moment of presence, togetherness and — literally — a breath of fresh air!

What to expect

The Wonder Walk leverages the hybrid world with an online/offline approach. Participants can do the walk from anywhere in the world – all you need is a mobile, headphones and a magical link to take part. Leave the rest to our facilitator, who will guide your team down secret pathways to connection.

60 minutes

Up to 30 participants. Have more or fewer people? Get in touch

All you need are a mobile & headphones

For teams across the globe

Why it's a good thing

Perfect for hybrid teams

The Wonder Walk is the perfect way to connect team members in multiple locations, including onsite and mixed teams.

Taps into the magic of where you are

The Wonder Walk brings people together by making the different locations a starting point for connection. As you walk through your respective neighbourhoods, you’ll learn about each other, build empathy and foster belonging in this time of incredible change.

Guided by experts

The magic of serendipity and chance encounters has been lost during the last year of ongoing lockdowns. This absence of these things has huge consequences to our mental and social health. This walk experience is designed to reconnect you with curiosity and bring vibrancy back to teams, and workplaces.

Cultivates connection

After the walk, people return to their desks refreshed and inspired by the team’s new connections.


Designing experiences that allow for different people, needs and abilities is very important to us. The Wonder Walk is flexible and all-inclusive. You’re encouraged to listen to your own needs, resting as necessary. You can use a walking aid if you wish. None of this makes the experience any less magical. If you have specific concerns, let’s discuss adapting the walk to accommodate you.

Bring your people together with a magical experience!

Help your team feel connected even when they’re far apart.

Seeing our feet on all the different terrains was kind of amazing! We even walked in synch for a moment, which made me feel connected to everyone despite the many miles between us. By the end of the walk, I actually felt as though I'd been on a walk with everyone and shared a very special experience.
Wonder Walker

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