Leadership training


Develop the leadership powers of your people to transform your organisation.


Of HR Leaders believe that to succeed in today’s work environment, leaders must focus on the human aspects of leadership.


Empower leaders to:

Boost self-awareness, belief and resilience to realise their own superpowers

Develop empathy, feedback and coaching skills to unlock the magic in others

Master communication, decision making and conflict management to handle business challenges

Overcome cognitive biases to build inclusive leadership

Our solutions for developing emerging leaders:

Leadership programme

Aimed at emerging leaders, this cohort-based programme is designed to boost self-awareness, master feedback, learn how to coach teams and ultimately unleash their full potential.

Plug-in workshops

Plug our engaging and beyond ordinary workshops into your learning and development programmes. We call them "Magical moments".

What people say

The workshops were over and above our expectations. The team was enchanted!
Victoire Mbala
Head of EMEA Marketing Production Operations
Abracademy were so effective in bringing us together with purpose. We left with a deeper appreciation for our mission and for each other.
Musheer Kamau
Principal Specialist/Senior Operations Advisor
This was time well spent. It's always encouraging to hear the thoughts of others, share yours, feel validated in your beliefs, and work through your challenges with others in an open and honest environment.
London Business School
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