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The Magic of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is an essential leadership quality. Leaders with EQ are accountabl, attuned and can keep teams together in turbulent times. Workplaces with EQ leadership attract top talent, create harmonious workplaces and achieve outstanding results. Here's 8 reasons and 24 ways to be a leader with emotional intelligence.

How do you encourage authentic leadership in the workplace?

The transformative power of authentic leadership in the workplace. What does authentic leadership mean? Why is authentic leadership important? Let's find out...

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Secrets of Successful Teams

A conversation with Florian Klaass about the magic of teams - how to ignite, build and nurture a team.

How to Make Change Feel Magical, by Jen Emery

Change unleashes fear, negativity and resistance. But it has the potential to unlock positive and magical things.

The Alchemy of Leadership

The Alchemy of Leadership: five top skills leaders need to adapt to the constantly changing work world landscape.

What Makes an Organisation a Learning Organisation?

And how do we harness a learning mindset? Rubens talks all things learning and development with Nathalie Trutmann - education, leadership, corporate healing and social impact specialist.

Mastering the Positive: a Magic Potion for Change

The world has undergone seismic change making flexibility and adaptability indispensable. The trick is how to manage change for everyone in a company. Luckily we have a magic potion...

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