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Welcome to our invite-only community where facilitators and magicians come together, aiming to bring more magic into the world through learning experience design.

About the curious magilitator club

A community where facilitators, magicians and learning designers come together, aiming to bring more magic into the world.

We convene around eight times annually for a dynamic exchange of ideas, inspiration, practice, and innovation.

Our meetups are designed around different formats that interweave the diverse expertise of our participants.

Why join?

  • You are drawn to the wonder of transformative learning.
  • Your skills in facilitation are paired with a curiosity for the magical.
  • You eagerly participate in exchanges that spark curiosity and inspiration.
  • You are dedicated to fostering organisational change with a sense of wonder.
  • You value collaboration and embrace the diversity of ideas and perspectives

About our quest

We aim to unite our amazing collaborators from across the world and various disciplines. To spark ideas, cross-pollinate creativity, and innovate in crafting unforgettable experiences.

This club is your place to belong, celebrating the magical and the wonderful. Join us to explore what it means to unleash the magic within people. You'll be alongside like-minded individuals who believe in creating daring and creative learning experiences.

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