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The Power of Resilience: Thriving Through Organisational Change with Positive Emotions

Explore the essential role of resilience in navigating organisational change. Gain insights into harnessing positive emotions and the magic of resilience to foster growth and success in your workplace.

Spellbinding Storytelling: unlock the secret of captivating tales

Giulia at Scriberia tells us about the wows and wonders of the Spellbinding Storytelling workshop the company did.

The Five Dimensions of Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, otherwise we'd never learn to walk! But as adults, we lost our curiosity even though it brings a range of benefits... it encourages us to explore and learn new things; studies have linked it to better relationships, reduced aggression and enhanced well being' and it stimulates progress towards one’s goals. But what exactly is curiosity?

Why Playing at Work is Productive

Being playful at work is positive. Fact. In 1960 British paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott proposed that humans have a true self that is spontaneous, free and child-like. Being your true self is the state that leads to a happier life.

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