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How to manage remote teams: tips for 2024

What experience has taught us about managing remote teams. From creating a robust team culture to making sure communication flows smoothly between colleagues, here's a magic potion for success.

Wonderful team awayday ideas (that won't make you cringe)

Offsites and awaydays are a great opportunity to bring colleagues together informally - encourage friendly competition, elevate teamwork skills, collaborate, practice problem solving, boost morale, increase job satisfaction and see team leads in a new light. Here are our awayday ideas:

Three ideas to bring colleagues together

Bring colleagues together; give them time to get to know one another and ultimately, work better together.

How Play Conjures a Positive Company Culture

Incorporating play at work promotes innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication. Wow!

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Secrets of Successful Teams

A conversation with Florian Klaass about the magic of teams - how to ignite, build and nurture a team.

7 Core Skills to Ignite Team Magic

Seven essential soft skills that contribute to the effectiveness, productivity, emotional and social wellbeing of a team.

Is Your Company Curious?

Curious companies dare to dream... of a more powerful and magical way to do professional development; one where employees feel valued and where their thoughts, experiences, and emotions are welcome.

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