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Meet the wizard of cross-cultural collaboration

Culture, collaboration, organisations, teams, leadership, cultural diversity and why we must embrace differences while celebrating commonatlities.

Experience Design: a Magic Potion for L&D Success

We create memorable moments for our clients by stirring a magic potion containing pride, insight and connection.

What Makes an Organisation a Learning Organisation?

And how do we harness a learning mindset? Rubens talks all things learning and development with Nathalie Trutmann - education, leadership, corporate healing and social impact specialist.

Is Your Company Curious?

Curious companies dare to dream... of a more powerful and magical way to do professional development; one where employees feel valued and where their thoughts, experiences, and emotions are welcome.

Why Playing at Work is Productive

Being playful at work is positive. Fact. In 1960 British paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott proposed that humans have a true self that is spontaneous, free and child-like. Being your true self is the state that leads to a happier life.

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