Spark confidence and potential in young people through magic

Future-proof skills for young people

We partner with you to equip learners of any age with life-long skills tailored precisely to their needs.

Greater teamwork; improved presentation skills; breakthroughs on perceptions adoption of a Belief Mindset and more - all while having fun with sorcery!

Learn to work together, harmoniously
Understand perception, break down assumptions and judgements
Increase emotional awareness
Build confidence and resilience
Learn compelling storytelling and improvisation
Become great communicators

We’ve unleashed our magic at...

Learning through play

Ignite imagination

Students wonder how tricks work... they’re thinking on their feet. And with that, we ignite their curiosity and imagination.

Inner magic

If magicians don’t believe in their magic, nobody will. We help students develop their presentation skills, boosting self-confidence.

Whole body communication

We teach the communication skills used by magicians to get, and keep, the audience’s attention.

The art of storytelling

Putting newly-learned skills into action to deliver compelling performances!

Working with Abracademy to develop and deliver such a positive experience for the RawMinds project participants has been great. It was incredible to witness all of the young people enjoying the opportunity to confidently perform to such large audiences in our gallery, which would not have been possible without the care and expertise of the fantastic Abracademy team!
Chloe Trainor
Youth Programme Producer
Wellcome Collection

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