Workplace wellbeing training


Build the emotional skills employees need to face challenges at work.

Support employees to:

Explore our emotional agility: our capacity to remain well, recover or even thrive in the face of adversity

Recognise the role resilience has played in their life

Cultivate the emotional skills of curiosity and strength recognition

Feel more connected with colleagues

Our solutions for workplace resilience

Plug-in workshops

Plug our engaging and beyond ordinary workshops into your learning and development programmes. We call them "Magical moments".

Bespoke programme or offsite

Reach out to us for bespoke programmes and offsite experiences tailored for moments of organisational change. Engaging and impactful - we ensure your people emerge resilient and unified.

What people say

My wow moment was learning how to disrupt beliefs.
Abracademy Open Workshops
My big learning experience was about the subjectiveness of emotions. That you can gain control over them with a simple framework, which will prevent them from overwhelming you.
Abracademy Open Workshops
I learned that things can change; looking at challenges through different lenses makes a difference.
Abracademy Open Workshops
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