Spellbinding Storytelling: unlock the secret of captivating tales

Written by
Anne Brassier
Published on
September 5, 2023

Scriberia turns words into visual stories, but before they can do that, they have to craft the words. Abracademy helped the team weave magic into their words with our Spellbinding Storytelling workshop.

The magical Scriberia team

Right after the session with the team, we spoke with Giulia Vaccari, Head of People & Operations at Scriberia:

Why did you choose Spellbinding Storytelling? 

Storytelling is a key part of our business philosophy and what we offer our clients, so we wanted to discover a new approach to storytelling, a fresh and magical approach.

The workshop worked really well! It was challenging and easy at the same time... We were challenged by having to learn magic and performing tricks to each other for the first time. But the step-by-step explanations eased us in.

Our challenge was to bring a fresh perspective to our storytelling and I feel that the workshop really helped me have a new flare, making my storytelling more magical and authentic. 

What did magic bring to the session? 

We have a tendency to get too focused on details and magic brought simplicity!

I suppose it helped us narrow our stories down to the bare essentials, it kept them very simple. Letting go of complexity is very much on brand, it's a big part of our vision and brand. And using magic supported simplicity, curiosity and fun. 

Do you want to know what they're laughing at? We really want to know what they're laughing at...

That's really nice to hear... So the session felt relevant to your work at Scriberia? 

Extremely relevant! A big part of our company mission is to simplify complexity, cut through the BS to what is most significant and interesting. It's also a big part of how we work and I felt magic helped us with that goal.

Playing with magic tricks brought a lot of curiosity, which is a trait we encourage the team to cultivate - it led to very efficient storytelling! The session was very impactful in terms of helping us remember to put value in the right place. 

Teams that play together, stay together!

What was your wow moment? 

When I shared my trick with someone... There was a two-way wow!

I told my story from the heart and the magic added another level to it, creating a lot of connection between us - really bonding me with with one of my colleagues. It's so nice when that happens, when you see colleagues in a slightly different way. You feel you know them a bit more, which leads to a better working relationship. It's not just about hearing a story, it facilitates a better day-to-day relationship. The session was extremely rich, but short... I wish I'd had time to hear more stories!

Chris wows with his story!

What would you tell people about Abracademy? 

💥 That you guys are masterful and what you do has a real sense of mastery, and mystery. 💥

That's a great tagline... mastery and mystery!

There's a union of mastery and mystery... you have the mastery through your knowledge of faciliation and how you held the group - holding the nervousness we felt. And magic brings mystery because you never know what's going to happen next. You helped us feel ok with not knowing and you supported people as they learned to tell their stories through magic. 

Thank you Giulia!

Our takeaway... 😍

"You guys are masterful"

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