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Organisations and employees face daily challenges: building trust, constantly innovating or collaborating productively.

Using a powerful combination of learning design, facilitation and magic, Abracademy helps people achieve the right mindset to work better, together.

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The perfect seasonal celebration workshop for you and your team.

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Magic opens minds to new ways of thinking

Our sessions always start with some magic and boom! Everyone is present in the room, ready to play and learn. An engaged team is a productive team.

Boosts confidence
Time and time again we see workshop participants light up when they perform their first trick. This opens the door to inner belief and confidence.

Stimulates creative thinking
Magic makes people wonder… How did that happen?! This triggers curiosity, which we harness to stimulate new creative thinking.

Shifts perspectives
It opens minds to new ways of seeing and thinking. Which in turn enables new behaviours.

We use magic as a tool to develop soft skills

In this time of constant digital evolution, Abracademy looks after the humans. We offer ‘off the shelf’ sessions that address common issues such as team building, problem solving, communication and leadership skills.

We also create bespoke programmes to meet your challenges. As a diverse team of strategists, learning designers, scientists, magicians and facilitators. We understand business and people and can design sessions that will shift mindsets and change behaviours.

More about our services
  • Employee engagement 
  • Soft skills for better work
  • Team dynamics & productivity
  • Employee well-being
  • Team building and team dynamics
  • Creative mindset
  • Confidence
  • Realigning on creating values
  • Facilitation
HSBC case study

Helping HSBC’s workforce embrace a new role with confidence

We shifted the mindset of over 4,000 employees across the UK, achieving an opt-in rate on the new role of 80%.

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