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Boost Team Resilience with our Check-in Question Generator

Building resilience in the workplace is crucial for fostering a strong, adaptive, and innovative team. The Serendipity Machine, a check-in question generator, offers a structured yet lighthearted approach to enhancing resilience through thoughtful and engaging questions.

How Play Conjures a Positive Company Culture

Incorporating play at work promotes innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication. Wow!

Could you be a Magilitator?

A Magilitator is one of a kind… it’s a magician that facilitates or a facilitator that can do magic! Abracademy melds these two skillsets together to create this unique role. Do you have the magic touch to be a Magilitator?

How to Cast a Spell With the Art of Magilitation

Magilitation is the beautiful merging of magic and facilitation - combining magicians' presentation skills with facilitators' mastery of group dynamics to create a new skill set.

Magic for the Many

How Magilitation (magic + facilitation) helps teams and companies cast a spell.

Make Remote Workshops Excellent, Extraordinary and Energetic! 💥

We’ve learned how to make remote meetings and workshops a great and human experience. Apart from the usual video call etiquette that you’ve no doubt learned recently, how about…

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