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Unlocking Productivity: Embracing 'Better' Over 'Distracted'

Unlocking productivity: embracing 'better' over 'distracted'. Why I want to experience more Magical Moments by Cauldron Manager, Anne Brassier

How to Make Change Feel Magical, by Jen Emery

Change unleashes fear, negativity and resistance. But it has the potential to unlock positive and magical things.

Mastering the Positive: a Magic Potion for Change

The world has undergone seismic change making flexibility and adaptability indispensable. The trick is how to manage change for everyone in a company. Luckily we have a magic potion...

The Magical Self (Don't Drown in the Rivers of Self-Doubt!)

Can we enhance our inner belief without crossing the rivers of self-doubt? Can we change how we feel about ourselves by waving a magic wand? Studies have observed that experiencing magic increased pride and self-esteem!

Dreaming of Creative Super Powers?

A great evening at the Creative Superpowers event, at ad agency, Havas. We talked about how creativity and magic make good collaborators.

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