We blend magic, professional development and psychology to create unforgettable learning.

Our experiences create Magical Moments

Magical Moments shift people’s mindsets towards belief, wonder and possibility. We do this by following an impactful approach:

Interactive and experiential

We’re experts at creating learning journeys that bring wows and wonder to L&D. No death by PPT. No box-ticking. We create safe spaces for reflection and experimentation, for individuals and groups to discover more about themselves and the topic through experienced based learning.

Practical and evidence based

We design our sessions with an evidence-based foundation, from psychology, neuroscience and professional development in partnership with experts in their field and Universities. We take principles, ideas and best practices to create practical exercises, tools and day-to-day tactics that are immediately useful for participants.

Magic as a canvas

Magic ignites a learning mindset because it’s playful, shifts perspectives and sparks curiosity.

Magic is a very powerful tool for understanding how our minds and brains work, including how we perceive the world, how we behave and how we form beliefs. Using magic helps us push the boundaries of what people think is possible and to work on soft skills like confidence and problem-solving.

Multicultural sensitivity

Abracademy is a multi-cultural team with team members in Southern Europe, Northern Europe, North America, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Our learning experiences are designed and delivered with cultural nuances and differences in mind to ensure that our programmes are meaningful to the location. We also deliver in our sessions in a range of languages based on country location.


Yes, there's always a magician.

We have an incredible team of expert Facilitators and Magicians who deliver our sessions. We call them our ‘Magilitators’. They both have the skills to hold groups with presence and energy whilst guiding them towards key learning outcomes.

Continuous learning

Our hybrid learning journeys are designed with a ‘digital first’ mindset so that the experience is enhanced by digital technology and learning doesn’t stop after the workshop. We provide participants with extended learning after that is always there so employees can practice, improve, master and refresh their skills.

Our Magical Moments are designed to

Elevate learning beyond the ordinary

Using play, awe, wonder and surprise, learning becomes a mesmerising discovery that people remember long after, enhancing their ability to apply their learning to their work.

Generate insights to boost self-awareness

Encouraging shared experiences and reflection opens people up to understanding more about themselves and others in relation to the topic ensuring they go back to work with greater insights to apply.

Cultivate pride and resilience

Learning and performing magic helps participants go outside their comfort zones, realising their capacity to achieve the impossible. People leave feeling more confident and in a growth mindset.

Connect people and create belonging

Learning new skills and seeing new perspectives enables appreciation and recognition of each others’ abilities. This creates learning cultures and communities of support.

Abracademy were so effective in bringing us together with purpose. We left with a deeper appreciation for our mission and for each other.
Musheer Kamau
Principal Specialist/Senior Operations Advisor

Why magic?

It’s a wonderful and powerful tool for creating memorable experiences.  It’s playful, it shifts perspectives, it sparks curiosity and brings participants together in a shared experience.

Magic shifts perspective

Magicians are experts in human behaviour. Magic challenges what we (think we) know. It steps into the unknown, activating our curiosity. Minds are then open to new ways of seeing and thinking. Which in turn creates space for learning new skills and behaviours.

Magic activates play

Magic is playful and play creates dopamine in our brain that enables learning. Play also allows the inner child to emerge – people share stories and reveal their personalities. This makes lasting connections and memories. And relates to positivity, job satisfaction and a happier workforce.

Magic boosts confidence

Learning something new that you didn’t think you could, like magic, shows the power of our Belief Mindset. People light up when they perform their first trick! Hierarchy disappears, creating a safe learning space full of new possibilities!

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