Three ways that magic elevates our workshops and programmes

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Anne Brassier
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“We can get too focused on details and the magic brought simplicity. It helped us narrow our story down to the essentials, keeping it simple. Letting go of complexity is a big part of our vision, so this was very much on–brand – magic supported simplicity, curiosity and fun.”

Breaking an illusion down into steps to learn it transfers to the workplace in terms of learning to focus on essential factors. Whether you’re designing a process or a marketing campaign, you need to be able to cut out the noise!

“The magic brought something different to what we do everyday. It brought something unexpected and it also acted like a tool. It would be interesting now, post–workshop, to see how we think about the magic we do in our world as well.”

Magic reminds people that they make their own kind of magic in their work. This encourages people to look at what they do differently and boosts motivation.

“There's a nice air of the unknown with magic so people felt like we weren't coming to just do drawings and stuff that's already part of our world; there was a bit of weight lifted off there. Sometimes there's an expectation to always be ‘on’, to pull out your pen and your technical skills. So it was nice to be doing something that you may not be good at! It's quite freeing.”

The magic takes participants away from their day–to–day work. Everyone tries something new that no–one in the group has done before, which creates a level and democratic playing field from which to go on the learning journey.

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