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Unlocking Productivity: Embracing 'Better' Over 'Distracted'

Unlocking productivity: embracing 'better' over 'distracted'. Why I want to experience more Magical Moments by Cauldron Manager, Anne Brassier

How to Make Change Feel Magical, by Jen Emery

Change unleashes fear, negativity and resistance. But it has the potential to unlock positive and magical things.

The Alchemy of Leadership

The Alchemy of Leadership: five top skills leaders need to adapt to the constantly changing work world landscape.

Look Through the Magic Mirror to 2020

Join us on a trip through a virtual maze to reflect on 2020 and what we learned that year.

How to Cast a Spell With the Art of Magilitation

Magilitation is the beautiful merging of magic and facilitation - combining magicians' presentation skills with facilitators' mastery of group dynamics to create a new skill set.

Magic for the Many

How Magilitation (magic + facilitation) helps teams and companies cast a spell.

What Makes an Organisation a Learning Organisation?

And how do we harness a learning mindset? Rubens talks all things learning and development with Nathalie Trutmann - education, leadership, corporate healing and social impact specialist.

Mastering the Positive: a Magic Potion for Change

The world has undergone seismic change making flexibility and adaptability indispensable. The trick is how to manage change for everyone in a company. Luckily we have a magic potion...

7 Core Skills to Ignite Team Magic

Seven essential soft skills that contribute to the effectiveness, productivity, emotional and social wellbeing of a team.

The Magic of Imaginary Friends

Simon Aronson was a very influential card magician. His talk on imagination left our Science Wizard, Steve Bagienski, wondering and thinking...

Is Your Company Curious?

Curious companies dare to dream... of a more powerful and magical way to do professional development; one where employees feel valued and where their thoughts, experiences, and emotions are welcome.

The Magical Self (Don't Drown in the Rivers of Self-Doubt!)

Can we enhance our inner belief without crossing the rivers of self-doubt? Can we change how we feel about ourselves by waving a magic wand? Studies have observed that experiencing magic increased pride and self-esteem!

The Five Dimensions of Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, otherwise we'd never learn to walk! But as adults, we lost our curiosity even though it brings a range of benefits... it encourages us to explore and learn new things; studies have linked it to better relationships, reduced aggression and enhanced well being' and it stimulates progress towards one’s goals. But what exactly is curiosity?

Dreaming of Creative Super Powers?

A great evening at the Creative Superpowers event, at ad agency, Havas. We talked about how creativity and magic make good collaborators.

Why Playing at Work is Productive

Being playful at work is positive. Fact. In 1960 British paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott proposed that humans have a true self that is spontaneous, free and child-like. Being your true self is the state that leads to a happier life.

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