Could you be a Magilitator?

Written by
Anne Brassier
Published on
December 3, 2021

A Magilitator is one of a kind. It’s a magician that facilitates or a facilitator that can do magic! Abracademy blends these two skillsets together to create this unique role. Do you have the magic touch?

We work with global clients, big and small, and we’re always excited to hear from possible magicians and facilitators to join our freelancer community. If you’re keen to develop a very special (and magical of course) set of skills, we want to hear from you! We train and develop you, to make sure you’re 100% confident when it’s time to deliver.

There’s lots of benefits in the community itself too as we host monthly meetups with peer support, learning or testing out new magic, or trying out a new method of facilitation. Our meet-ups are a great place for sharing, learning and getting constructive feedback.

We want to expand our magical community, the more diverse the better. Female magicians are especially welcome.

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