Mastering the Positive: a Magic Potion for Change

Written by
Anne Brassier
Published on
April 7, 2020

Don’t be afraid to pivot

This is one of Abracademy’s core values and pivot we have! Moving from purely in-person delivery to including online / remote sessions in recent times.

Like everyone, Abracademy has been adapting to Covid and the fallout, and we have continued to support our clients the best way we know how – with our magic potion including connection, playfulness and collaboration. To that end, we developed two virtual workshops for teams; read more about them here

A learning mindset is always an important skill to have, even more so now. Abracademy ignites this mindset by exploring wonder and shifting limiting beliefs. This allows people to connect – both to themselves and to others. Also to gain profound insights to embed back at work, as well as in life generally. We create spaces and experiences that – thanks to the use of magic as a tool – spark wonder in the brain. When we spark that wonder, people are more open, curious and, crucially, able to see their world from new perspectives. Ta-da!

If ever the world needs more magic, it's now.

Here's a fun thing we did in lockdown while pivoting to the digital world... Zoom language!

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