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Tuesday 4th August

Simon Devereux

Simon has over 15 years creative industry experience having previously worked as part of talent and learning teams in commercial radio, television and visual effects. Simon dedicates his time to both his current role at PlayStation and as Founder and Director of ACCESS: VFX. Simon’s mission is to pursue inclusion, diversity, awareness and opportunity within the UK VFX and creative industries.

We will explore his role as an advocate and ally and the impact true inclusion makes to the creative industry.

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“This magical webinar allows you to slow down and take a moment to reflect on topics that inspire.”

Jolien Van Heyste TBWA/Belgium

Previous guests

Tuesday 28th July

Laila Von Alvensleben

Laila is Head of Culture & Collaboration at Mural. She is a champion for the “remote first” approach to collaboration, empowering MURAL’s rapidly growing team to successfully work from anywhere. We talked with Laila about the secrets of digital connection, zoom fatigue and how to engage online.

Together we experiences some awesome examples of creative energisers that can help bring your team to the next level! With so many of us working online and experiencing zoom fatigue, it’s important to consider laugher and how to make things more human!

Tuesday 21st July

Erica Neve

Erica’s super power is bringing diverse people together to solve problems. She is passionate about learning and community design and does this every day for clients ranging from ethical start-ups to global tech giants.

Erica believes in the importance of learning from everyone, talked to her about the importance of the beginners mind and what this means. We also explored what we mean by a learning environment and how we can create this at work.

Tuesday 7th July

Tiu De Haan

Tiu is a creative facilitator and a ritual designer. Through her work, she shifts perspectives so that we can see the magic in the mundane. She has worked with a range of clients, from Google and the UN, to soulful entrepreneurs, quantum scientists, artists and writers.

We talked to her about creativity and how to connect with the mystery and magic of the creative process – as well as how to deliberately create the optimum conditions for inspiration.

Tuesday 30th June

Sarah Gregersen

Sarah works as Program Director and Learning Designer at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and also runs a company called Genius of Life. Genius of Life brings sustainability strategies to life inspired by solutions evolved by nature over 3.8 billion years.

The core areas we explored were:

✨ How can the magic of nature inspire us to change?
✨ The pandemic’s impact on the planet and how we can apply these learnings to the workplace.
✨ How can we activate an ecological consciousness in teams, leaders and organisational eco-systems?

Tuesday 23rd June

Emilios Lemoniatis

Dr Emilios Lemoniatis is a Consultant Child Psychiatrist with over ten years experience of working in mental health. He combines his interest in Design Thinking and Innovation to help develop the mental well-being products of the future utilising the skills of the NHS and industry.

Together we explored the answers to some important questions:

✨ What does justice mean to him and how does he channel it through his work?
✨ Does the NHS need more magic and how can we achieve this?
✨ How can we harness the energy we’ve experienced during this time, of people coming together to help across all situations and areas?

Tuesday 2nd June

Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald is a global advocate, campaigner & consultant, passionate about addressing the stigma of mental ill health in the workplace. He co-founded Minds at Work who’s purpose is to inspire and equip individuals to eradicate the stigma of mental illness and create workplaces that are life enhancing.

We’ll be talking about mental health during the time of this pandemic, how to have difficult conversations and work toward breaking the taboo.

Tuesday 26th May

Tracy Wise

Tracy is a master storyteller and experienced writer. She is also a magician, member of the magic circle and a member of The British Society of Mystery Entertainers.

We will be talking about storytelling, creative processes and mystery. What is mystery? How can we create it? How can we enhance it?

Tuesday 19th May

Family magic show!

This one’s for the parents… and the children! We know that so many of us are working from home with our families around us. Maybe you’re juggling multiple roles as parent, teacher, employee and new found fitness fanatic (or not!).

We invite you to get everyone together to experience some magic :sparkles:. While you enjoy your afternoon coffee break, you can take a moment with the little ones too!

For half an hour, you can leave the juggling to us and can expect a wonderful line up of magicians for our online magic show!

Tuesday 12th May

Matt Pritchard

What is this elusive feeling called Wonder? How is it related to curiosity? How can we cultivate it? How can it support us to cope with the moment we are living now? Join Dr Matt Pritchard and Rubens for another magical conversation.

Matt is a scientist, a curator of wonder and he also runs an online interview site delving deeper into conversations of curiosity and wonder with bishops, philosophers and astronauts. Last year he spoke at TEDxBrum and was featured in the Huffington Post. Creative at the core and passionate about simplifying the complex, Matt works with organisations such as the Science Museum Group, Big Bang fairs and is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle.

Tuesday 5th May

Liam Forde, The Zone London

Liam is a TEDx speaker, Executive Coach, and Founder of The Zone. The Zone are guides, coaches, facilitators and trainers, partnering businesses on the journey to unlock happiness and high performance. Be better, do better.

Liam believes that high performing culture, game changing innovation and winning strategies are unlocked by organisations that balance people, profit, purpose, potential, performance and planet. We’ll be delving a little deeper to find out his magic potion for creating great energy in businesses?

Tuesday 28th April

Gustav Kuhn, Goldsmiths University of London

Gustav is the Director of MAGIC-Lab and Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London. Together we’ll be delving into the world of magic and discussing how it can further the understanding of human cognition. Together we will contemplate free will, perception and consciousness.

Tuesday 21st April

Nathalie Trutmann, former CEO of Hyper Island,

What does it actually mean to be a ‘learning organisation’ and how can we cultivate the habits that go beyond what we can get from formal training? Rubens was in conversation with Nathalie Trutmann, discovering the answers to these questions. They discussed the practices and processes that help individuals to grow and in turn, support their colleagues to grow.

Nathalie advocates less focus on productivity and more focus on joy!

Wednesday 15th April

Jason Leddington, Bucknell University’s Associate Professor of Philosophy

Jason lead us into a world of wonder and curiosity. We questioned the science behind wonder, how it affects us and how we can harness its magical powers. Building on the conversation, we considered new ways to confront the current crisis with renewed imagination.

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