Houdini's Locks

Miro board for exploring what holds individuals back from achieving their potential..

What is it?

Houdini’s Locks helps people explore obstacles that hold them back from achieving their potential. Whilst cultivating a supportive group culture, participants help each other overcome their blockers.

When to use it?

This is a great exercise to run when you want to help people achieve a goal. It helps them identify where they want to have impact and a strategy to achieve that. The goal can be anything from impact as a leader, on a product or within a team.

How it works

This activity creates space for exploration! Participants think about what impact they want to have as well as what holds them back. The group can lean on each other to find powerful strategies to overcome their blockers. And, like Houdini himself, free themselves from the restrictive locks!

Follow our Facilitation Guide, also on the Miro board.

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