Dr Matt Pritchard

on how to cultivate wonder and curiosity

Dr Matt Pritchard is an actual Doctor of Wonder! He's a scientist and magician fascinated by the elusive feeling we call wonder. What is it? How is it related to curiosity? How do we cultivate it? How can it help us cope with 2020 and the pandemic? How can we bring more wonder to the workplace? So many questions for Matt to answer! Matt curates a blog - Words on Wonder - where he talks to a diverse array of people about science, magic and wonder. Read his interview with Rubens from earlier this year. Last year Matt spoke at TEDxBrum and was featured in the Huffington Post. He's also a member of the Magic Circle. This podcast was recorded in May 2020 during our webinar chat with Matt. To see other guests, past and future, visit: https://abracademy.com/theworldneedsmagic

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