Alessandra Lariu

on the magic of female leaders

Alessandra Lariu is a brand and experience consultant, co-founder of SheSays, and a SheEO activator. She's a woman helping the next generation of creative female leaders. We spoke with Ale in October 2020, with Coronavirus still very much making its presence known throughout the world. "It’s been both horrible and exhilarating" she says of 2020!Our conversation with Ale was very much about communities and how amazing they've been for people during the pandemic. At the end of the chat Rubens asked Ale, if she had a magic, what's one thing she would change? "More women leaders. More diverse workplaces. No pay gap. Less war. Different perspectives on big world challenges, we’d potentially make better progress with climate change"... That's more than one thing Ale, but we're not going to argue!

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