Creating a culture of communication and collaboration

How the magic happened
200 employees (Stuwies) from ten teams around Europe completed a three-part programme.
The challenge
To improve cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration, helping Stuwies work more effectively with each other.
92% of Stuwies felt able to adopt new behaviours: being more curious + open to others' points of view.
98% gained insight to the impact on communication that their cognitive biases have.
Stuwies connected and bonded with colleagues in other locations.
I appreciated connecting with new colleagues plus deepening existing relationships. A colleague and I talked about the conflict we had... we reflected on it and gained so much empathy for one another. This was a beautiful moment.


Improving collaboration across teams, departments and roles was a priority for logistics company, Stuart. They wanted to break down silos and help Stuwies work more effectively with stakeholders, including learning to navigate conflict. The teams we worked with — Tech, Business and Operations — are based all over Europe so finding a way to discuss things and learn from each other with effective communication and collaboration skills was an essential part of the programme.

How it happened

Abracademy’s programme was designed to supercharge the skills underpinning great communication and collaboration. The programme consisted of three sessions:

1: Listen – building awareness of cognitive biases and learning about the psychology of perception. Understand that everyone has their own version of reality.

2: Express – developing empathy and being curious about others. Learn to listen and see things as others do, experience others' worlds.

3: Navigate – learning to handle conflict and misunderstandings by reframing them from the perspective of others.


Stuwies understood the world from different perspectives!


of Stuwies felt the programme achieved their objectives

This is by far the best thing I have done at any company to help me be better at my role and of course, communication.
It's the first online workshop I've attended that is truly interactive and not boring!
I liked seeing where my colleagues felt they were on the communication matrix; it reminded us that we're not alone, we all have struggles.
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