Frontline staff embrace a digital role

How the magic happened
A one-day bespoke session delivered across the UK to 4,678 employees.
The challenge
Support the customer-facing staff to embrace change and become digital banking advocates.
HSBC reported an 80% uptake for the Universal Banker role
Participants reported feeling significantly more positive and aligned to their role after the program

The challenge

When HSBC launched an initiative to introduce a new role, the Universal Banker, they wanted employees to embrace the role with confidence and self-belief. Change is never easy and for many long-standing employees, this was no exception. Part of the role's challenge was becoming digitally literate and a digital banking advocate. So our challenge was to take over 4,000 customer-facing staff from all over the UK on a journey of change - personal and professional.

How the magic happened

The primary aim of the the programme - created by Abracademy and our partner organisation, Freeformers - was to cultivate a belief mindset in participants. By identifying, challenging and addressing fears, as well as providing tools to use at work, self-confidence was unlocked. People believed they could be digital advocates with the skills necessary for the Universal Banker role.

The outcomes:

  • In the post-programme survey, participants reported feeling significantly more positive.
  • Empowerment, hope, inspiration and knowledge emerged as strong themes.
  • People were able to articulate key learnings from the programme.
  • Participants were also able to relate key skills to the new role.


HSBC reported an 80% uptake for the Universal Banker role


HSBC staff impacted through over 40 workshops


Locations across the UK
The bootcamps made the impossible possible…
Sandy Sahota
Area Director, HSBC Retail Banking
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