Conjuring success for a new team

How the magic happened
A year of team development including 64 hours of training across five offsites, multiple exercises and reflections, plus a sprinkling of team coaching.
The challenge
Help the new DDX team identify the mindset, behaviours and skills to do great work together.
Team performance enhanced across 10 (of 11) key metrics
Communication and conflict navigation skills improved most notably
100% of the team reported a positive impact on their collaboration
We have become aware of our strengths and weaknesses; additionally, trust has certainly improved.
Siemens DDX


As a newly established team, DDX's leadership wanted to create a culture of high performance. To achieve this, we designed a team development programme to lead the team towards the mindset, behaviours and skills that would enable members to do great work together.

It was a learning  journey to connect colleagues and help individual members understand the space they occupy in the team. We also wanted to empower the whole team to make DDX what they want it to be – avoiding a top-down management model.

The key programme aims:

  • Establish shared meaning and purpose in the team
  • Learn how to avoid working in silos
  • Build communication rituals that facilitate conflict management
  • Embrace the cultural complexity across the team / organisation
  • Develop trust between remote colleagues


Phase one was a year–long learning journey with both in person and remote offsites, plus exercises and coaching sessions. The programme is now moving into its second year, with a new journey for the next phase of the team’s development journey.

At the end of phase one, the team’s ability to work together changed for the better, shifting closer to being a high performing team.

Using data from pre and post–programme surveys, we observed significant behavioural shifts within the team, with improved scores in 10 of the 11 characteristics of high performing teams. Enhanced behaviours and skills enabled the team to work together more productively and effectively. 

In particular:

★ The team value their differences

★ They feel secure as a team

★ They created spaces of psychological safety

★ They take collective responsibility for the team

As well as this, the team's communication and ability to navigate conflict showed the most notable improvement.

On the other hand, although dependability and trust had lower post–programme scores, we looked at the survey data deeper and concluded that this was a result of new members joining the team. This then demonstrates the importance of continuous team development when scaling, to incorporate new joiners.

The work to break silos, and enhance appreciation, communication and feedback has made a big impact on the team. As has the overall mindset shift, which has enhanced motivation and clarity.


Feel the team's culture encourages risk-taking to drive innovation


Feel the team's communication structure facilitates collective decision-making


Feel the work they do makes a difference to the team
Our relationships have grown; there is openness and willingness to share things despite previous assumptions.
Siemens DDX
I gained a better understanding of colleagues' perspectives and was able to initiate relationships with people I'd had little contact with before.
Siemens DDX
We now know how to allow continuous improvement to flourish in the team.
Siemens DDX
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