Creative thinking unlocked

How the magic happened
An immersive creativity journey, including live online workshops for momentum and async tasks to embed the learning.
The challenge
Cultivate creative confidence in a team of skilled engineers to inspire innovation.
The group overcame their limiting beliefs
Advanced feedback skills gained
Average workshop rating: 9/10
It was slightly outside my comfort zone, but those pushes are exactly what I need to become a better (and more magical more creative) me!

The challenge

We were tasked with helping a team of engineers boost their creative confidence. There was a desire for refreshed innovative thinking in order to stay ahead of changing business needs. The team wanted to collaborate better, benefit from each others' creativity and encourage idea sharing.

How the magic happened

We designed a week-long immersive journey focused on creativity, comprising of five core workshops:

  • Inner belief: to ignite self-confidence in creative abilities
  • Power of Perception: the power of seeing things from different perspectives
  • Unlock Your Mind: Let go of biases and assumptions that block innovation
  • Unleash Imagination: ideation tools and techniques
  • Deepen Communication: finishing the week by boosting communication superpowers!

Between these sessions, the team were given quests: reflections, further reading and tasks designed to embed the key learnings of each workshop. We designed a Miro board where the team collaborated and interacted, recording their quests as the week progressed.


  • Redefining old self-beliefs and create new ones
  • Understanding the glitches and gaps of the brain that bypass important information
  • Using creative ideation tools including the How Now Wow Matrix and Blend, Bend, Break to prevent familiar ideas becoming the only ideas
  • Recognising the fears block creativity

Everyone can be creative. Society has made us less creative, but you have to break out of the structural barriers. Think like a child. Have no fears. Have fun.
I had a WOW moment being confronted with a past fear. I was never challenged to do that before, and to connect it to my habits and behaviours today.
Silly ideas can become meaningful so encourage people to be creative and silly, especially in the beginning... Quantity vs quality!
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