Dream big, aim high

Do you need to create an aligned culture for everyone to believe in? Or to inspire creativity and innovation in your team? Abracademy helps companies navigate organisational change and workplace challenges.

Here’s what we do and how we do it…


Two mindsets

Inspired by magic, Abracademy works with two mindsets – Belief and Wonder. They underpin all our workshops to inspire confidence and unleash creativity.


We bring Belief and Wonder to life in companies through Magical Moments

Magical Moments is a series of workshops that spark real change. They create moments of connection, elevation, insight and pride for teams. People return to work with renewed energy, deeper self awareness and stronger bonds.


Inner Belief

Unlock limiting beliefs and explore your comfort zones.

The Magic of Teams

Create collective awareness and trust in your team.

Find Your Purpose

Uncover your purpose and share it in the most magical way possible.

Deepen Communication

Boosting communication skills including active listening, reflection and feedback.

Lead With Magic

Discover your own style of leadership and inspire colleagues.

Conjure Company Culture

Co-create your culture and spark change in your organisation.

Raising Resilience

One magical day on the fundamentals of wellbeing at work.

Powerful Speaking

Learn to communicate using your whole body.

Unlock Your Mind

The neuroscience behind the power of curiosity and how our brains solve problems. 

The Power of Perception

Lift the lid on assumptions. See things from a different angle.

The Art of Magilitation©

Bring a touch of magic to your facilitation skills!

A Magical Moment just for you

Do you need something bespoke, tailored for your team? Click to get tell us more and we’ll be in touch in a flash ⚡

Unleash Imagination

Explore creativity hands-on and learn how to make the impossible, possible. 

Spellbinding Storytelling

Master the centuries-old art of storytelling. Grab – and keep – your audience’s attention!

Applied Magic

Learn how to create more wonder for your customers.

A learning journey Pick & Mix

Curate your own learning journey (or let us help you) by choosing the Magical Moments that will address the challenges and achieve your objectives. Whether you’re organising a team day, having a learn-at-work week, or needing a longer programme for the whole company, the workshops can be delivered flexibly around your needs.

Inner Belief

By unlocking limiting beliefs and exploring comfort zones we help people believe in themselves again. This Magical Moment is a great starting point to open minds to learning and embracing new behaviours.

Lead With Magic

Why do you want to be a leader? What kind of leader do you want to be? Take responsibility for your world, however big or small it may be. A workshop to discover your own style of leadership that will inspire people.

Collective Belief

A team is only as powerful as its individual members and the quality of the relationships between them. Using principles to create high performing teams, we enhance how teams work together. We provide tools to create collective awareness, trust and synergy.

Unlock Your Mind

The wonders and wows induced by magic are best experienced in person. This workshop explores the neuroscience behind magic – how the brain works and how we go from wonder to creativity.

Find Your Purpose

Abracademy’s purpose is to bring more magic to the world. What’s yours? Through a collaborative and experiential learning process we uncover your purpose and help you share it in the most magical way possible! By tapping into big dreams, companies can achieve the extraordinary and inspire the workforce to do the same.

Powerful Speaking

Learn to communicate using your whole body

For your company

Unlock new behaviours across the whole organisation. Run open sessions that anyone can attend or curate a bespoke programme. We'll make sure the content is right for you. Address your challenges and give your employees tools to embrace change.

For your team

Create Magical Moments for your team. Design the perfect learning journey using our workshop series. Choose one or several Magical Moments, tell us what you need and we'll help you with the right sessions.

For yourself

Start your own personal learning journey - come to one of our evening open workshops. Experience first hand what we do and how the magic works. Boost your confidence and unleash your imagination!


Embed new behaviours

We complement our face-to-face delivery with remote learning. Continue the learning journey to embed new skills and behaviours back at work.


How can our Magical Moments help you?

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Boost creative confidence
Bring values to life
Merge teams successfully
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