Celebrating a year of team achievements

How the magic happened
100 colleagues taking one day to unleash their collective magic and celebrate the team's successful year.
The challenge
Bring colleagues together to bond them and highlight their individual achievements as well as the team’s successes.
Aligned on the values that make the team magical
Identified ambitions for the coming year
95% of participants reported feeling 'inspired' and 'enthusiastic'!
The experience was fun, engaging and insightful. It left the team feeling energised, appreciated and optimistic about the year ahead… As well as a bit more magical than they did at the start of the day!
Aisling Winter
Head of Academy

The challenge

asos take their people seriously! They have an internal learning destination, The Academy, who invited Abracademy to help the People Experience team celebrate a year of achievements. As a large team, over 100 people, it was a moment for them to connect to each other and remind themselves of the magic they can create collectively.

How the magic happened

100 people from the People Experience team came together to participate in three concurrent workshops and the day culminated in a big spectacular group performance. It was a fabulous and very well-dressed, fun and magical event!

Our session helped the team to reflect on their achievements – individual and collective – and acknowledge each other as colleagues, highlighting everyone's strengths. After a year of hard work, the team used the day to strengthen their belief in the work they do as well as think about the work world they might build in the coming year.

Each of the three groups learned a magic trick – a different trick for each group. We watched in awe as team bonding between colleagues, some who knew each other and some who didn't, was facilitated by people telling each other their stories as they practiced their magic performances.

The grand finale involved 100 people walking around The Academy space, performing their magic for each other; jaws dropped and wows were all around. Colleagues saw each other in a new light, while individuals, amazed at their new-found ability to create magic, got a confidence boost like no other. It was a truly magical moment for the PX team – they were full of synergy and had a collective sense that the impossible is actually possible.


  • Aligned on the values that make the PX team magical
  • The team was better connected
  • People found their superpowers
  • Ambitions for the coming year were vocalised
  • The collective wisdom was harvested


Of respondents reported feeling 'inspired', 'enthusiastic', 'valued', 'motivated' and 'empowered'


engagement score overall

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