asos: connecting to their magic

We loved working with Abracademy. They really listened to what would work for our team and took the time to understand the world we work in. The workshop was fun, engaging and insightful. It left the team feeling energised, appreciated and optimistic about the year ahead… as well as a bit more magical than they did at the start of the day!”

Aisling WinterHead of Academy, asos

The challenge

asos take their people seriously: they have their own internal learning destination, The Academy. They invited Abracademy to help the People Experience team celebrate the year’s achievements. As a large team of over 100 people, it was also a moment for them to connect to each other and remind themselves of the magic they can create collectively.

How the magic happened

100 participants, three spaces and three workshops running concurrently, culminating in a big spectacular group performance. It was a fabulous day of (very well-dressed) fun and magic!

We designed a workshop to help the team reflect on their achievements and acknowledge each other as colleagues, highlighting their strengths. After a year of hard work, the team used the day to strengthen belief in the work they do as well as think about the world they want to build.

Each group also learned magic – different for each room – which was used to facilitate team bonding through storytelling.

The grand finale: 100 people walking around The Academy, performing for each other. Jaws dropped (literally) and wows were all around. Team members saw each other in a new light while individuals, amazed at their new-found ability to create magic, got a confidence boost like no other. It was a truly magical moment for the PX team – they were full of synergy and had a collective sense that the impossible is actually possible.

The outcomes

  • Aligned on the values that make the PX department magical
  • A better connected team
  • People finding their individual superpowers
  • Ambitions for the coming year vocalised
  • Collective wisdom harvested

⚡ Success! ⚡


Engagement score in post-workshop survey


Of respondents reported feeling 'inspired', 'enthusiastic', 'valued', 'motivated' and 'empowered'

It made me believe I can do anything, as long as I learn how.

It was lovely to hear so much positive feedback about myself.

It was a great investment in the team; getting us all together, trying something new and having fun.

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