Don’t believe in magic? Here's five reasons to believe...

Magic opens minds and brings learning to life

For millennia magicians have been creating memorable moments. By developing powerful techniques that defy limitations in human cognition, they leave audiences wowed and awed. Abracademy’s workshops adopt these techniques to open minds and bring learning to life. We activate play and explore perceptions to boost confidence and unleash new possibilities.

Magic shifts perspective

Magicians are experts in human behaviour. Magic challenges what we (think we) know. It steps into the unknown, activating our curiosity. Minds are then open to new ways of seeing and thinking. Which in turn creates space for learning new skills and behaviours.

Dr Gustav Kuhn – On The Illusion of the Impossible

The Abracademy team talk about play

Magic activates play

Magic is playful and play creates dopamine in our brain that enables learning. Play also allows the inner child to emerge – people share stories and reveal their personalities. This makes lasting connections and memories. And relates to positivity, job satisfaction and a happier workforce.

Magic boosts confidence

Learning something new that you didn’t think you could, like magic, shows the power of our Belief Mindset. People light up when they perform their first trick! Hierarchy disappears, creating a safe learning space full of new possibilities!

A workshop participant talks about how magic brought the learning to life for him

The power of Magilitation

To battle learning fatigue in companies, who we learn with is as important as what we learn. Our skilled Magilitators* are a conduit between the learners and the key learning of each session. They know how to create learning spaces that are exciting and exhilarating. They make learning a process of exploration and joy, ensuring the experience is like no other. That makes for memorable and magical moments!

* Magician-facilitators

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Let’s make magic together