This is the question we are asked most often. The answer is magic opens up our ability to learn, makes us believe and brings wonder.

Magic facilitates learning through meaningful play

When we watch or interact with magic it’s that ‘play’ that gives us a  dopamine hit. That dopamine hit has been lined to higher learning.

Watch our learning designer Priya talk about magic and play.

Meet Hugo our resident neuroscientist.

There’s a (Neuro)science to magic

Something about magicians being experts in human behaviour. Understanding preconceptions, assumptions, biases and by learning……

How the magic works

Engagement is key

There’s nothing like tricks and illusions to make sure everyone is present in the room! People get a little hit of dopamine and the mind engages, ready to learn (and play).

Shifts mindset

Our programmes work at mindset level. If you can shift that, new behaviours follow and people realise they can think differently, learn new skills and embrace change positively.


Boosts confidence

People are always surprised to find that they can perform a magic trick quickly! This provides an instant confidence boost. Participants start believing in themselves and what they can achieve. 

Stimulates creative thinking

Our neuroscientist-magician has helped us understand how magic sparks wonder in the brain. Wonder leads to curiosity and problem solving. Which in turn ignites innovation and creative thinking.