The Maze: a new kind of company virtual retreat

How the magic happened
An immersive and engaging virtual world where employees came together to play, explore and learn.
The challenge
Conjure an engaging 3–day virtual offsite to enable the company's growing global workforce to connect and reflect on a year of incredible success.
492 colleagues connected
Over 100 different sessions offering spaces to talk, reflect, explore and celebrate!

Tech business, MURAL, grew rapidly in 2019/2020 - increasing in size to nearly 500 employees globally. A moment was needed to welcome and onboard new recruits, celebrate the company's success and set the foundations for high-performing teams.

MURAL's leadership team wanted everyone to pause and take stock, and they imagined a retreat where MURAListas could meet, explore, experiment, play and reflect together. They wanted a virtual experience like no other, one that would wow people.

Just some of the activities offered

How the magic happened

To achieve this, we dreamed up The Maze – a virtual magical labyrinth that provided an immersive journey of discovery. We created and curated this new digital event as a virtual space where all employees can meet and connect, while learning and exercising their different learning styles.

Abracademy’s wild and wonderfully eclectic team conjured up a variety of virtual activities, including online workshops, talks, places to gather and play, plus a bounty of other curious entertainment to enjoy. It was an experiential journey designed to connect MURAListas as people and as colleagues. Harnessing our skills in team dynamics and development, psychology and human behaviour, event and learning design, facilitation and magic, we delivered the experience for three days, to every time zone around the world so that no-one was left out!

The outcomes

Over 450 MURAListas from around the world ‘entered’ the Maze and, over the three days, explored the magical digital world – they got lost together and they found each other. Here's what some MURAListas thought:

"I’m skeptical of virtual events because I miss in-person gatherings so much, but I was beyond impressed with The Maze retreat."
"I loved the variety of sessions – the cabaret was ridiculously good!"
"I love that the team building (the Magic of Teams session) was facilitated by Abracademy meaning our leaders were present at those workshops; I love that MURAL invested in its employees in this way."

One MURALista really embracing the ecclectisism of The Maze!

The first two days of the retreat were dedicated to exploration and play, and included two Abracademy workshops, Unleash Imagination and The Power of Perception. MURAListas were encouraged to discover new activities and each other as some colleagues had never met, even virtually.

On the third and final day, we delivered the Magic of Teams workshop to 18 teams in one day, from early morning to midnight. Teams all over the world, in many different time zones took part; here's what Peter Herbert, CMO, said about that experience:

“The highlight for me was the Magic of Teams workshop. How we handle hard work together is critical. It’s so important to take a moment, listen to each other, be vulnerable and think about how to improve to be a high performing team.”

The People and Ops team doing The Magic of Teams

The whole experience was designed to encourage new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Coaching, cooking and cabaret were on offer alongside magic and mixology, reflection and tutting (look it up!). There was a guided Wonder Walk, a Japanese tea ceremony, dancing and dynamic breathwork. MURAListas could learn how to be more productive, how to facilitate with confidence, how to do yoga at their desks and what it takes to be a high performing team. In fact, they could learn How to Learn Anything — a session facilitated by Abracademy's Creator of Curiosity, Julie Bogaerts!

The Wonder Walk


  • Over 100 workshops, talks and sessions for MURAListas to take part in
  • Every team in the company experienced The Magic of Teams
  • The agile and flexible nature of The Maze enabled people to discover and learn at their own pace, and in their own way
  • New MURAListas met colleagues for the first time!

days to connect, explore, learn and play

MURAListas lost and found themselves in The Maze

Thank you for all the fun - it makes learning so much easier!
The highlight was the Magic of Teams because how we handle hard work together is critical. It’s important to take a moment, listen to each other, be vulnerable and think about how to become a high performing team
Peter Herbert
I'm sceptical of virtual events because I really miss in-person gatherings. But I was beyond impressed with Abracademy's retreat. I love that sessions were facilitated as it allowed our leaders to be present.
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