Spark the magic of your team with a virtual away-day

Your team will communicate more effectively and collaborate productively. Discover how much they can achieve with this virtual team day.

A Virtual Team Day

Create a united and motivated team with an enhanced sense of well being. 

Take a day to re-calibrate and strengthen bonds, boost trust and productivity.

This playful virtual away day is facilitated by Abracademy’s experienced team – they’ll guide you through the session with exercises, practical work and reflections.

100% customised. Here’s what you get:

  • A bespoke full day workshop, tailored for your team’s objectives
  • Online tools to ensure the day is interactive and engaging, including Miro, Zoom and Mentimeter.
  • Magic Boxes –  a magician’s toolkit for each participant to use during the workshop.
  • The magic of your team unleashed. Ta-da!

Want to know more?

You can download our information sheet to learn more about our way of working and how we can help your team connect.

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"The day was fun, engaging and insightful. It left the team feeling energised, appreciated and optimistic about the year ahead… As well as a bit more magical than they did at the start of the day!”

Aisling WinterHead of Academy, asos

Bring your people together in the most magical way!

By the end of the day, people will feel…

  • Engaged with the whole team
  • A greater understanding of their team dynamics
  • Ready to be productive
  • Confident in using digital tools to stay connected
  • A greater sense of wellbeing at work
  • Energised, motivated, warm and fuzzy…

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