Mergers & acquisitions, new teams and growing teams

When companies merge, new teams are created or existing teams get growing pains – it’s unsettling for employees. There may be new ways of working, new people to integrate and a new culture to live by. People might even fear for their jobs. It all leads to a lot of uncertainty.

The magic brought people together, helping define personal and team values.

Workshop participantVodafoneZiggo

Enhance collaboration and communication

In times of change, people need to be able to voice their concerns and at the same time, move forward positively. We’ve supported clients such as Red Bull, Vodafone and O2 in such circumstances – working with them to allow new employees to get to know one another and collaborate effectively in the new teams.

The learning journey here is a suggestion of the themes we would address to help teams embrace the changes. The Belief sessions are all about confidence – we look at limiting beliefs people have about themselves and support them in overcoming those. We then work to strengthen connections within the team and instil a sense of belonging for everyone, unlocking the power of collective intelligence. Looking at the new company or team culture connects everyone to that and brings it to life in meaningful ways for employees. Addressing communication between people is a great way for them to improve and share appreciation for one another.

Inner Belief

Unlock limiting beliefs, set minds free and boost self-confidence

Collective Belief

Better connected people for a strong team

Conjure Company Culture

Bring the new culture to life and turn it into behaviours

Deepen Communication

Develop key communication skills to ensure miscommunication disappears!


What to expect from these Magical Moments

New connections

Deeper empathy between colleagues leading to a connected and coherent team

Enhanced collaboration skills

Learning the advantages of collaboration over competitiveness and problem solving harnessing the group’s collective intelligence

Improved communication skills

Participants learn about active listening, how to ask powerful questions, improvisation techniques and feedback tools


VodafoneZiggo: finding collaborative harmony after a merger

When these Vodafone and Ziggo merged, they asked Abracademy for help. The company wanted to avoid a culture clash between teams. Our aim was to bring the once separate teams together, to foster alignment in a new company culture.

See the full case study (2 min read)

Red Bull: better collaboration and communication in a rapidly expanding team

Red Bull’s Culture Marketing Team grew a lot in a short space of time. The team wanted a day to come together, be inspired and look at things from a different perspective. They wanted to feel connected at a very human level, beyond work and roles.

See the full case study (2 min read)
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