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Helping employees embrace technology

New technologies are emerging at an incredible rate. Of course, companies still need to make use of office stationery suppliers as you can never go too wrong with having a spare pen and paper in the office, but as technology are changing, businesses need to follow suit. This presents huge challenges to everyone. Companies have to organise training for their workforce. And employees have to learn new skills to keep up and stay relevant. Studies show that these increased demands mean employees are running on empty.

We learned to stop worrying about not getting everything right. Because if you believe in yourself, others will too!

Rachel LuffProject Manager: Technology, Diversity and Inclusion at Expedia Group

Embrace change as a positive

With the right mindset, people can embrace change. This enables them to conquer fear, overcome challenges and learn new skills. Abracademy’s approach is to take a step back from the skills themselves to work on mindset. Specifically what we call our Belief Mindset. Because if you believe in yourself, you have self-confidence.
Using magic as a tool for learning, we help people shift their mindset from fixed to Belief. We want people to feel ready for the challenges that new technology presents, be it for sharepoint permissions management or otherwise.
The sample learning journey on the right helps employees recognise and unlock their talents. They’ll learn to see failure as a learning opportunity, not a dead end. They believe in themselves again and embrace change, knowing they can do what they thought was impossible.
Ignite your Inner Belief

If we want to transform the world, we need to transform ourselves first. The first step in the Belief Mindset journey lays foundations for powerful learning: individuals start to set their minds free, find their inner magic and discover their superpowers.

Unlock your collective magic

Our expertise in group dynamics and how people collaborate creates a great learning experience. We look at how our perceptions and assumptions can affect the way we work together. We provide tools to create collective awareness, trust and synergy.

Explore your collective potential

We dive into communication skills to create great connections. This includes whole body listening and speaking, feedback and reflection.

Unleash Imagination

For centuries magicians have created tricks and illusions. Their inventions innovate and make the impossible possible. In this creative workshop you’ll learn how magic can enhance your creativity and innovation.

Connecting to something bigger

To embed belief into your DNA, we align the key learnings with your company’s vision and values. This keeps teams motivated, moving and mindful of the common goal. And connects them to a shared purpose.


What to expect from these Magical Moments

Improved engagement

Help people overcome limiting beliefs and see failure as a learning opportunity. Leading to increased engagement and motivation.

Continuous learning

Provides tools for feedback and reflection at work. Encourages continued learning back at work and embeds new skills.

A more productive workforce

Experiential training energises employees. Improved self-confidence enables people to set boundaries and focus on tasks. Teams align on company goals to reinforce their common purpose.

HSBC case study

Helping HSBC create digital advocates

We ignited a Belief Mindset in over 4,000 customer-facing employees across the UK. By the end of the programme, 80% had opted in to a new role, Universal Banker.

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Harvard Business Review/Energy Project: Quality of Life at Work study, 2014

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