Bringing your company values to life

Studies show that companies with strong cultures see increased revenue growth. In turn, company values are crucial to building a strong culture. We help companies explore, own and embed their values, bringing them to life in tangible ways.

I was surprised at how fast we came to a shortlist of values. The magic brought people together, helping define personal and team values.

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Embracing company values

You’ve worked hard to define the company’s values. The next step is to bring them to life. And to do this people need to understand what it means to live by the values. We can explore this with you. We’ll collaborate with employees, creating tangible ways to bring the values to life at work – turning your values into behaviours, not just a document that no-one ever reads on a server!
On the right you’ll see suggested Magical Moments. Together, these create a journey to bring your values to life.
Connecting to something bigger

To embed belief into your DNA, we align the key learnings with your company’s vision and values. This keeps teams motivated, moving and mindful of the common goal. And connects them to a shared purpose.

Find your purpose

Through a collaborative and experiential learning process we uncover your purpose and help you share it in the most magical way possible!

Find your inner-storyteller

Master the centuries-old art of storytelling. Grab – and keep – your audience’s attention!

Unlock your collective magic

Our expertise in group dynamics and how people collaborate creates a great learning experience. We look at how our perceptions and assumptions can affect the way we work together. We provide tools to create collective awareness, trust and synergy.


What to expect from these Magical Moments

Improved engagement

Employees are aligned to company culture, helping them feel emotionally connected to the values.

Better connected teams

Shared experiences strengthen connections and bonds within teams. We teach people to understand and enhance collaboration. Challenges can be overcome by improving team dynamics. Abracademy workshops create a safe space for honesty and trust.

Create champions for values

As collaborators in our workshops, employees become champions for the values. They take pride and ownership, sharing them with new employees as the company grows.


Avoiding culture-clash in a newly-merged team

When Vodafone and Ziggo, two telecoms giants, merged, they asked Abracademy for help. The company wanted to avoid a culture clash between the once separate teams. Our aim was to bring them together and foster alignment in the new company culture, and values.

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