Unleash The Wonder Of Your Team

Learn how to collaborate more effectively and unlock each other's creativity

This 3 hour workshop shines a light on collaboration and creative thinking. 

Magic, like creativity, has no limits. If teams put their heads together, they can multiply their creativity no end. The impossible becomes possible!
This workshop shines a light on the power of perception, collaboration and communication. We look at the neuroscience behind magic – how wonder stimulates problem solving and innovation. Teams learn the tools and behaviours to enhance their collaboration, unlocking creative potential.


About the workshop

Cost: £3,500 + VAT
Duration: 3 hours
Group size: Up to 20 participants (larger groups by arrangement)
Venue: we come to you, but if you need a venue, let’s discuss!
The team: the workshop is delivered by one of our fantastic facilitators along with a wow-inducing magician.
Magic props: provided for each participant to take home after the workshop.

All our workshops are experiential – participants will learn magic that lands the concept of Wonder.

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Business benefits
  • Revitalise your team
  • Promote an open and curious mindset
  • Give people the courage to experiment
  • Gain tools to overcome creative blocks
  • Learn problem solving techniques

Humans are naturally creative, but few know how to harness it. Magicians unlock creativity by shifting their audience’s perspective of the world.

Hugo CaffarattiAbracademy's Doctor of Wonder

All these companies are bringing magic to their workforce

Delivering innovation in a fun way brings us back to when we could dream big. We can now translate those dreams into reality.

Gianluca EnaHead of Account Management, Twitter

Want to find out more about this session? 

This workshop is based on the first part of our Wonder Programme.


How do I inspire curiosity in my team?

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