VodafoneZiggo: finding collaborative harmony after a merger

I was surprised at how fast we came to a shortlist of values. The magic brought people together, helping define personal and team values.

Workshop participantVodafoneZiggo

The challenge

When these two telecoms giants merged, they asked Abracademy for help. The company wanted to avoid culture clash between teams. Our aim was to bring the once separate teams together, to foster alignment in a new company culture.

How the magic happened

To integrate two businesses, there has to be empathy, understanding and collaboration. To achieve this we helped the team through a process of change. Firstly, we wanted to create a safe environment to allow the staff to get to know each other. Demystify each other even! Using magic as a tool, we worked with them to uncover each of their strengths. Through this they gained a greater understanding of themselves and their new colleagues. Then, together as a unified team, they created the key values to make their new team cohesive.

The outcomes

  • Increased self awareness and confidence
  • Trust created within the group
  • New relationships built
  • Team aligned on company vision and purpose

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