Vodafone: We Are One

Engaging and fun!

John CoulstockHead of Planning & Performance

The challenge

Helping a new team communicate with impact.

Abracademy was invited to take part in Vodafone’s We Are One summit in London – a two day event to connect and inform a recently unified team. The Products & Services team used to be two separate teams and one year prior to this event, they became one. One was the magic number!

How the magic happened

We provided three activities at the summit. First, we co-facilitated an ideation session. Colleagues worked in smaller groups to come up with a product idea. The product needed to combine a service with a piece of hardware – the functions of the two old teams. This session highlighted the process of collaboration. Drawing on their combined experience of products and services they developed their ideas together as one. We closed the session with the Super Capes exercise: a feel-good, peer-to-peer feedback session.
On day two, we hosted a workshop with all 200 delegates: Communicating with impact. With our powerful combination of learning design and magic, we explored empathy and perspective. Two ingredients necessary for communicating with impact.
Because magic is at the heart of what we do, we stayed for the closing party. We treated Vodafone colleagues from all over the globe to some wow-inducing magic to close the summit.

The outcomes

  • Deeper empathy between colleagues
  • A better connected, more coherent team
  • Practical learning on the advantages of collaboration over competitiveness
  • Pushed individual and group growth with fun, and memorable experiences

⚡ Success! ⚡


Magic Lights passed around the room


Delegates' smiles unleashed



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