Twitter: sparking creativity against a background of organisational change

Delivering innovation in a fun way brought us all back to when we were able to dream big. It’s nice to understand all those big dreams and translate them into reality.

Gianluca EnaHead of Account Management

The challenge

Deadlines and budgets create stress. And of course that gets in the way of creativity and innovation. Armed with Sharpies, Post Its, playing cards, Haunted Hankies and a magic wand (or two), Abracademy went to Twitter HQ. The aim: to spark inspiration in the team of Account Directors.

How the magic happened

Our Magilitators took the team on a wonder-full journey! Wonder sparks imagination and the ability to create, innovate and experiment. We problem solved and prototyped new ideas together. By the end of the workshop, a mindset shift happened, allowing people to dream big again.

The outcomes

  • Increased creative confidence in individuals
  • Enhanced creative collaboration as a group
  • Problem-solving techniques to take back to work

Do you want to spark wonder in your team?

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