The Mill: Learning at Work Week

I learned that a little self belief and perseverance can go a long way. Also, that it’s okay to change your mind. And then change it again!

ParticipantThe Mill

The challenge

Every year, VFX and creative content studio, The Mill, runs an L&D week: Learning at Work Week. It’s intended as a skill and morale booster for staff. The company wants to let them know they’re valued, and to invest in their development.

How the magic happened

We introduced The Mill’s workforce to the two key mindsets Abracademy works with: Belief and Wonder. We created two taster sessions, one to bring each mindset to life.

The first session, Inner Magic, introduced the concept of self-belief and the inner confidence that comes from that. In an environment where the need to learn new technology is constantly present, we wanted to help people find their inner magic and face those demands with confidence.

The second session, Create Magic, was designed to inspire new thinking in an already creative workforce. By triggering the sense of wonder, we took people on a journey through curiosity and problem solving. This session stimulates innovative and creative thinking.

The outcomes

  • Increased confidence presenting to a group
  • Enhanced creativity through collaboration
  • More comfortable experimenting with ideas
  • Losing fear of failure and judgement
  • The power of constructive peer-to-peer feedback
  • Shifted mindset to be more open to new ways of thinking
  • Playful and thought-provoking experiential learning that stays with participants

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