Creating a culture of communication and collaboration at Stuart

Really interesting training and amazing speakers!

The challenge

Stuart identified improving cross-team, department and function collaboration as a main business priority in 2022. They wanted to break down silos between functions, help Stuwies collaborate and work more effectively with stakeholders, and navigate areas of potential conflict. With local and global Tech, Business and Operations teams all over Europe, finding a common space to discuss, learn and practice effective communication and collaboration skills was essential.

Stuart’s learning and talent development team partnered with Abracademy to give all Stuwies the opportunity to take part in this programme.

How the magic happened

The goal was to break silos down and increase collaboration between the tech and business teams. To achieve that we created a programme, delivered over three sessions, that would supercharge communication and collaboration skills. At the end of the programme Stuwies had a framework to use when faced with a communication challenge.

Part 1: Listen – build awareness of cognitive biases and learn about the psychology of perception. Understand that everyone has their own reality.

Part 2: Express – develop the feeling of empathy, be curious about others. Learn to listen and see things as others do, and experience other worlds.

Part 3: Navigate – learn to navigate misunderstanding and conflict by reframing it from the perspective of others.

The outcomes

  • Recognise toxic behaviours and manage them more skilfully
  • Be more aware of other people’s communication style and adapt their communication accordingly
  • Understand assumptions and the impact they have on others
  • See the world from different perspectives

⚡ Success! ⚡


of Stuwies felt that the programme objectives were achieved


felt that the content fitted their needs


smiling faces enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions!

I loved the detailed information about types of biases.

I appreciated sharing other points of view with colleagues from other places and other departments.

I liked being given the tools to see how other people feel when communicating

Getting to know the 'pills' for handling different toxic behaviours was great!

Conflict is a difficult thing to navigate, so doing it in a group, with examples and discussions helped demystify the route to success.

The concepts we covered should be discussed within the company and with new joiners.

So great for a deep dive into understanding different communication styles.

Amazing to place yourself on the matrix as well as to understand how others reason. We talked about it as colleagues, which turned out very productive.

We named, described and found the antidote to toxic communication. This (Part 3: Navigate) is such an important session!

The interactive nature of this programme was so useful. It allowed us to relate the concepts at hand to our real-world problems.

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