The Magic of Soundtrap

“The day after the session, we noticed an immediate change in how the team were together. It felt like people expressed their appreciation for each other more. Abracademy was spot on in understanding and delivering what we needed. They created a space where the team could open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable. People took time off their busy routines to talk to each other - as people, not just as colleagues. On top of all that, it was incredibly fun and playful too”

Ashwini VasanthakumarOperations Manager

The challenge

Soundtrap is an online, cross platform, collaborative music studio created by Spotify.

We were already working with several Spotify teams when Soundtrap contacted us. They needed help bringing their forthcoming virtual offsite to life. It usually happens face to face, but in 2020 of course this wasn’t possible 😭 – thanks Coronavirus…

A very important factor for Soundtrap was that there be deep learning during the offsite, so that the teams felt a purpose and meaning to it.

How the magic happened

Our goal was to create a space where people could come together, connect and explore the team’s magic. The session was a shared experience to strengthen bonds and cultivate a supportive, curious mindset in the team. The session enabled people to speak to each other, be vulnerable and share how they were feeling.

We split the session into four parts: 

Ignite belief: great teams don’t just happen, you create them. Believing this will drive the team’s effort to get to know each other. They can then create the structures to perform well and look after each other.

Explore a portal into reality: we explored where the team was at and uncovered their essence. By acknowledging the current reality and finding out what thriving meant to them, they could move forward.

Unlock team magic: we split the group into five smaller groups to enable individuals to shine. Using Mentimeter we created a word cloud showing everyone’s strengths. Each could then see what they contribute and all the strengths that exist within the team.

Embed the superpowers: the whole group came back together for the finale where we shared the power of connection with a closing ritual. This leaves the team feeling energised to act as individuals and connected to the magic of the team.

The outcomes

Our client told us that people treated each other better afterwards. Before the team day, everyone was quite down and not communicating well. But afterwards, they worked noticeably better together and appreciated each other more.

Together the team had:

  • Strengthened their connections with one another
  • Reflected on the past year
  • Inspired belief and wonder
  • Ignited awareness and appreciation of each other
  • Boosted awareness of the culture that makes the team magical

The talks in the small groups were really good. I enjoyed being in a group with people I rarely talk to otherwise.

I thought the facilitators did an incredible job guiding us through. I really enjoyed seeing people outside of my immediate team and have the chance to connect, and share feelings.

I loved it! As a new hire it was useful to have non-work facetime with colleagues. I haven’t met one person in person yet! Lol…

Has your team lost its magic?

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