Magic at The Science Museum

That was wonder-full!

The challenge

When the Science Museum invited Abracademy to take part in their Lates event, we thought: yes! Let’s take magic home. Magic and science are two sides of the same coin. They form an inseparable unity, one does not exist without the other. To paraphrase the great Argentinian magician, Rene Lavand, “Magic and science are two, but no more than one…

How the magic happened

For the very diverse Science Museum audience, we offered an assortment of activities – mini workshops, the Wonder Table plus a presentation about the science of magic.

We explored what magic is and the implications this complex art form has in furthering the study of the human brain. Workshop participants learned about the sense of wonder while experiencing magic specially designed for the event. Our Wonder Table demonstrated curious illusions. Illusions that made people question reality – how we can be sure about the existence of what we see? The table marked a line between optical and cognitive illusions; the latter a more complex type of illusion. These illusions attack processes such as attention, memory and perception.

Much to our delight, John Dee was in the room with us, albeit in book form. Euclid’s Elements, to which Dee wrote the preface, was nearby as part of the event. A magic (book) end to a wonder-full evening!

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