RedBull: enhanced collaboration and communication in a growing team

Even though company goals may be clear, how we work together will determine success or failure.

The challenge

Red Bull’s Culture Marketing Team had expanded rapidly in a short space of time, to more than double its size. The team wanted a day to come together, be inspired and look at things from a different perspective. The newer members felt the team was strong, but that it shouldn’t be taken for granted they would stay strong. To achieve this, they wanted to feel connected at a very human level, one beyond work and roles.

How the magic happened

We created a bespoke day for them, based on our Wonder of Teams session. We used magical principles to enhance how the team works together. And we explored what everyone – individually and collectively – brings to the team.

We wove magic and neuroscience into the workshop narrative to look at, and illustrate, specific themes. Themes including questioning assumptions, looking at problems from different perspectives, and unlocking creativity.

The learning process started, as in all our sessions, with a burst of wows from magic tricks performed by our magicians. This gets participants thinking about how the magician made the impossible happen. Which in turn unlocks minds. People open up to new possibilities and think about things from a different perspective.

The outcomes

Learning outcomes:

  • Wonder is ignited!
  • Team members get to know each other outside of the work context
  • Team is more connected
  • Enhanced collaboration is enabled
  • People uncover their personal and collective ‘Super Powers’
  • Confidence is boosted
  • Session learnings are connected back to the workplace

“If only one person does things right, it doesn’t mean the team will succeed.” (Culture Marketing Team member)

⚡ Success! ⚡


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