RedBull: igniting wonder at the Media House conference

Inspiring and energising delegates at their annual conference in Salzburg

The challenge

Red Bull Media House wanted to inspire and energise delegates at the annual conference in Salzburg. They wanted people to leave the event with a clear call to action for their teams and ready to get things done. So, to stimulate fresh thinking, help people see things from different perspectives and ignite action, we created a world of wonder for delegates.

How the magic happened

We played in different spaces at the event, working with both large and small groups over the 3 days of the conference. Our presence in each part of the event was to provoke the sense of wonder and stimulate thinking differently about work.

As an opening act, we ignited the sense of wonder with some wow-inducing magic!

We took over the central stage and invited all 250 participants to step out of their comfort zones by creating magic themselves. For 15 minutes they got hands-on, learning magic. We provoked them with new thinking to trigger the left brain. We also created conversations, warming people up for the conference and giving them a sense of collective. What appeared impossible, started to become possible.

At the end of the second day, we took over the main stage again. This time we performed a closing activity to leave people inspired, energised, focused and ready for action.

Wonder Workshops: we ran our Wonder of Teams session during the conference, for groups of up to 20 participants. This is a session that shines a light on collaboration, changing perspectives and creative thinking within teams – people leave revitalised, with the courage to experiment and tools for overcoming creative blocks.

The Wonder Lab: here, participants experienced awe and magic first hand with AbracademyÔÇÖs Doctor of Wonder, a neuroscientist-magician! He performed tricks using technology while tracking and measuring responses to show people exactly how their brain reacted to the magic

The outcomes

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduce delegates to the Wonder Mindset through experiencing magic
  • New connections between people through the shared experience
  • Introducing the neuroscience of magic through wearable tech devices while participating in magic tricks
  • New ways of seeing the world
  • Tools for creative problem solving

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