Pivotal: facilitating magic

Great experience and loads of fun! Plus valuable insights that go beyond the magic to reflect on challenges at work.

The challenge

Software company, Pivotal, held a two-day event to bring people together from their offices around the world. They invited us to create a magical team building and tooling session. The aim was to connect people who didn’t know each other. And to improve facilitation skills as many of the participants run workshops – internally and for clients.

How the magic happened

First of all, we broke down barriers between people. Many of them know each other remotely or in name only. They may even be part of the same team, without having ever met! So, we did some team building exercises with easy-to-learn magic like the Magic Lights.
We then moved into the art of Magilitation… our own brand of magic and facilitation. We dipped into the Magician’s Toolbox, providing tips and tools to strengthen facilitation skills.

The outcomes

  • Use the power of storytelling to connect with your audience
  • Learn active listening to be more empathetic
  • Practice confidence building exercises
  • Implement constructive feedback techniques
  • Understand the power of illusion
  • List insights to help reflect on challenges at work

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