HSBC: Universal Banker

With these bootcamps we made the impossible, possible.

Sandy SahotaArea Director, HSBC Retail Banking

The challenge

In 2017, HSBC launched a UK-wide initiative to introduce a new role: the Universal Banker. Along with our partner organisation, Freeformers, Abracademy developed and delivered a bespoke programme for the bank. We took their 4,000+ customer-facing staff on a journey of change. The aim was to create an aligned and digitally-literate workforce of the future. Our programme was designed to help the employees embrace the new role with confidence.

How the magic happened

“The magician is a wise joker that misdirects for a purpose: to loosen your creativity and make you forget about your limiting belief systems.”

Combining magic and facilitation into meaningful play, we helped participants cultivate a Belief Mindset. This is a mindset based on self-confidence. It enables people to view as possible what previously seemed impossible. We challenged the fears that go with change and provided tools to use back at work. This unlocked confidence and people were able to believe they could be digital advocates, the skill at the core of the Universal Banker role.

The outcomes

  • In the post-programme survey, participants reported feeling significantly more positive.
  • Empowermenthopeinspiration and knowledge emerged as strong themes.
  • People were able to articulate the key learnings from the programme.
  • Participants were also able to relate the key skills from the programme to the new role.

⚡ Success! ⚡


Net Promoter Score: customer satisfaction on a scale of -100 to +100


Believers unleashed


Opt-in rate achieved

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