HelloFresh: unlock your mind

The openness between everyone in the session was most beneficial because it allowed us to get to know each other better and also to understand how other people think

The challenge

HelloFresh wanted to develop creative problem solving skills for a cross section of their staff. They wanted to create a learning space that was relevant for both junior and senior staff. This would enable them to add more creativity and curiosity into their day-to-day problem solving.

How the magic happened

HelloFresh ignited wonder! And in doing so, they discovered new possibilities and avenues to unlock ideas, and solutions.

Unlock Your Mind is mind-altering workshop, plunging participants into a wonder-filled space. Wonder isn’t something to talk about, it’s a feeling to experience. When people experience magic, wonder is ignited because the mind wants to solve the seemingly impossible trick… how did the magician do that? This spark of wonder sets the tone for the workshop.

Together, we explored the nature / nurture of creativity, to overcome fears and create space for new possibilities. Magic and creativity begin in the same way, with a question. Not knowing something sparks curiosity and enhances creativity. Our session with the group was a time for people to come together to dive into these themes.

We use neuroscience to explore how the creative brain works. This helps people understand how to overcome the fear of failure and unlocks creative confidence. During this experiential workshop, the group were able to let go of creative blockers and see the world with more magic.

Minds unlocked 💥

The outcomes

  • Spark creative problem solving
  • Understand how the brain impacts creativity
  • Reconnect with child-like curiosity
  • Connect colleagues through play 
  • Develop creative confidence

⚡ Success! ⚡


Out of 5, in answer to the question: Did the workshop help develop your creative confidence?


Of respondents had a WOW! moment 💥

I learned that everyone else has the same fear of judgement. But no-one actually judges other people, they admire the confidence to try

I loved learning about how others at the company deal with their fears

I learned that everyone feels insecure about their creative confidence. And it's ok! We're all in the same boat

It was beneficial to realise that creativity happens in little steps not all at once. And I learned to be more open to the process of creativity

I really liked Priya's [the facilitator] guidance through the different sections of the workshop dealing with fears. And learning how best to combat them.

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